No way intended to offend you by misquoting or

mistaking what you were saying concerning your sister. I think it is a perfect way for your sister to involve you in something she is passionate about without putting on the pressure to buy. If you like it.. you will get more I guess.
I am just trying to absorb what is being said and not trying to become completely close minded about MLM’s in general, because I don’t think you can lump them all together, especially in light of a company like Avon becoming multi level. They have been around forever, and I remember my mom going door to door selling it before there was such a think as the internet and there weren’t Avon ladies on every corner back then.
I can understand the purpose of the blog is to protect those who feel victimized or affected by MLM’s, but should we become as obstinant about all MLM’s being bad as proponents of them claim they are all good?
I am here to objectively gather info in general because I have had so many different family members involved in different things…but basically it seems like the business model is a viable one in theory and I just don’t see much wrong with self promotion. If your sister owned a steak house (and it was a franchise even) she would probably tell you to come on down and eat there…no one would argue that you should support her. Granted I don’t know a thing about her MLM, because I have no personal experience with them…maybe they are not financially viable for their prospects.
Is there room in this blog for someone to be truly openminded and open to the possibility that not all MLM’s are created equal?

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My mother elected to go to a “training” weekend with her upline

As opposed to supporting her son who was in the hospital, trying to get over a crippling illness. Her justification was there was nothing they could do to help anyway and missing this weekend retreat could set their business and our future as a family back.

Sigh…. this seems to be a common thread with so many MLM “training forums”: “Build your business first – family can come later”

As an “authority on family” (I’m 55 and have 7 adult kids and 7 grandkids) – I want to assure all of you that family will NOT wait.
Your “time” to influence your kids/set a parenting example/be involved in their lives/teach them to love and show compassion for others happens in the blink of an eye.

Even in a “perfect” family where the father works 8-to-5, and the mother may or may not work…there’s still scant time to spend with your kids. For every night a parent is prospecting; for every weekend the parents spend at a “function”….there’s one less opportunity for your kids to learn something. If they haven’t learned important life skills by the time they’re 18 or so….they will be at a disadvantage when they leave the nest – and what loving parent wants to do that to their child????

Kids MUST come first – business-building can wait.

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