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How to Paint Using Watercolors

Painting is a fun hobby that can relieve stress and anxiety, as well as a great way to channel creativity. There are a variety of paints that have their respective characteristics, but watercolors are one of the most difficult types of paint because they dry very quickly and leave little room for mistakes. However, if you can develop good techniques and have the right tools, you can draw anything with this paint. You can visit Drawing Fan website and find out our painting equipment recommendation.

Painting with Watercolor Pencils
Draw the outline using a pencil. You can use mechanical graphite pencil or ordinary graphite pencil number 2. Start drawing easy objects, for example, bottles that are on the table or simple shapes such as triangles or rectangles. No need to rush to draw in detail because painting with watercolors requires expertise to be gradually learned. In addition, watercolors also have a tendency to melt, making it difficult for us to paint details.

You will feel like you are drawing in a coloring book. To do this, just wipe a color pencil with a simple back and forth motion until the colors in the image are sufficient.

Make sure the brush is really wet to accentuate the colors in the painting. Always prepare two glasses of water at work. One to clean the brush and the other to wet the brush after cleaning.

Apply a wet brush to the image. Brush the brush back and forth over the colored pencil strokes. Do it slowly and daub with a long sweep until the brush is dry. At this point, you will know how watercolor pencils work and how the paper reacts to water. Use smaller brushes for more detailed areas. To remove stained paint from outside the line, apply the area with a clean, wet brush.

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