I am sorry you had to go thru that and right around surgery, jeeeze

I will just have to come right out and say it, you’re sister was wrong for doing that. Why would you need a face kit for a gift after surgery? Yes, she is brain washed. I was never pushed into doing the biz right off the bat like she was. However, after a few months the upline I used to be apart of would start selling the biz to me. “If I don’t sell the biz, I will be cut off from upline support and training”. That meant totally. Which I was. How convenient.

Arbonne provides, self help programs to get people to do their biz more. That is what I experienced and I didn’t like it. You can find similar self help programs else where without them. Btw, the car you supposedly get isn’t even yours fully. It is a leasing program! You do not get to choose what color either. It is white and that is it. Supposedly they picked white for purity of product ect and blah blah blah. I was not going to work my ass off for a car I would not even fully own! The only thing good was the ASAP points for the jewelry and then I found out the jewelry was not real until you get to the top. Well at least I got a coffee pot and a boom box out of it. Both nice, but standard. You have to buy so much arbonne a month to get anything. So they where expensive. The chrystal pic frames are the smallest frames 4×6 or less I believe. I never went on a cruise with arbonne so I can’t tell you about that. Just the fact that they went to places I have already been to
and they went to places I was not into.

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