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Make Sure Your Bathroom Is Clean!

Indeed humans like cleanliness. And one of the ways humans clean themselves is by bathing. Therefore, Andi is an important thing, as well as a clean bathroom. Cleanliness is the main requirement for bathrooms. If the bathroom is left in a humid state it will potentially become a den of germs. These germs will make the bathroom dirty and the severity will cause damage to the bathroom. An example is the existence of mossy doors and others that require renovation immediately. To renovate your bathroom quickly, you can entrust it to the bathroom remodel Columbia SC.

Cleaning the bathroom is one way to eliminate germs and free the members from germs. However, it turns out that a bathroom that looks clean is not necessarily healthy.

Here are tips on cleaning the bathroom so that in addition to looking clean, also healthy (free of germs).

1. In addition to periodically cleaning the entire bathroom, clean the toilet at least once every 3 days with disinfectant. The parts that need to be cleaned are the toilet bowl, cradle, and toilet handle.

2. Separate / distinguish bathroom cleaning tools with other parts of the cleaning tool at home. Use rubber gloves when cleaning the bathroom then wash your hands thoroughly after doing so.

3. Clean the handle cleaning tool after every disinfectant, rinse with water, and dry with the head facing up. Do not store the bathroom cleaning tool in damp conditions because it will invite germs.

4. Clean the cleaning cloth with detergent. Rinse and soak in disinfectant for 20 minutes. If contaminated with germs or bodily fluids (vomiting, urine, faeces), discard the cloth.

The point is to make sure the bathroom is clean by regularly cleaning it. You can do this once or twice a week. This is to avoid the presence of germs that can threaten your health to prevent damage that could have been caused by a bathroom that is rarely cleaned.

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