My mother elected to go to a “training” weekend with her upline

As opposed to supporting her son who was in the hospital, trying to get over a crippling illness. Her justification was there was nothing they could do to help anyway and missing this weekend retreat could set their business and our future as a family back.

Sigh…. this seems to be a common thread with so many MLM “training forums”: “Build your business first – family can come later”

As an “authority on family” (I’m 55 and have 7 adult kids and 7 grandkids) – I want to assure all of you that family will NOT wait.
Your “time” to influence your kids/set a parenting example/be involved in their lives/teach them to love and show compassion for others happens in the blink of an eye.

Even in a “perfect” family where the father works 8-to-5, and the mother may or may not work…there’s still scant time to spend with your kids. For every night a parent is prospecting; for every weekend the parents spend at a “function”….there’s one less opportunity for your kids to learn something. If they haven’t learned important life skills by the time they’re 18 or so….they will be at a disadvantage when they leave the nest – and what loving parent wants to do that to their child????

Kids MUST come first – business-building can wait.

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