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Rules Of A Magician

There are some basic rules on gold coast magician. Breaking one of them will not only ruin the mysterious effects of magic, but you can also lose the credibility and respect of the audience, even though you have taken the time to practice the magic effect to get its perfection. First, you should never tell the secret. Most people will ask how you do a magic trick when you can do it well. Just say “I have never told my secret, sorry.” Most likely, they will still force. If they do, just say, “I’m sorry, I can’t tell you.” Sometimes you can get rid of this pressure by doing another trick. Do not give up. The joy in magic lies in its secrets. By telling the secret of magic tricks that you do, then the mystery and fun will be lost.

Magicians who reveal all their magic secrets might get high ratings for their shows on TV, but everyone from children to adults will lose respect for people like this. When you perform magic tricks, you will get respect from the audience, so take care and don’t lose them. One exception to this rule is teaching someone truly interested in magic. If someone is interested in learning how to do magic tricks but hasn’t done any more magic, postpone to tell them the magic tricks, but teach them how to do different magic tricks. Ideally, you only need to display magic tricks when asked, but if they have never seen magic before, test the audience with one trick. Never attack anyone by showing another trick after doing one trick.

The most important is to let the audience wanting more. Part of the fun in magic lies at the moment when the audience wants more. This also ensures that you don’t extend your greeting and start making the audience bored. Some people like magic more than others, so you should experiment with this. This rule is classic in showbusiness.

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