The mistake you make here is using the word “when” to talk about the money coming in

The more appropriate word is ‘IF”. Would you be ready to give up if you knew for a fact that less than 2% of those that get involved with MLM make ANY money (a large portion of that money is the low dollar amounts).

If you think about it, really think about it…..a business model that requires 98% of the people to fail (and it works best if those that fail place those qualifying orders each month and be good little distributors even without making a commission) in order to work for that 2%. Is this something that you feel comfortable telling people you solicit? Are you okay with just about everyone you solicit into the business losing a lot of money?

Just some questions to ask yourself. I had a friend years ago whose husband was in Quixtar for over TEN YEARS and he religiously went to the meetings, seminars. He bought all the marketing paraphanalia and still after all that time, didn’t make a dime.

When I was first involved with MLMs, I thought MLMs were just misunderstood and had a bad reputation due to bad companies. Truth is, “I” misunderstood. No one tells you the cold hard truth or shows you the REAL numbers that can’t lie.

AND if it is Mela, their products are NOT what the distributors claim they are. Don’t believe any hype, do research on the actual ingredients. Their personal care products wouldn’t be touched with a 10 foot pole by anyone in natural circles.

If you are ever looking for ideas for working at home, I’ve compiled a list of telecommuting companies and would be happy to share. You CAN use that drive you’ve learned and push yourself into your development zone without a MLM! 😉

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