There will undoubtedly be people here who can give you specifics about Mela products

I can tell you that so many Mela reps were involved in conversation here at one time that we had to make a rule SPECIFIC to Mela reps telling them that their “opportunity” IS an MLM and that any effort to argue the contrary would result in being kicked out of the forum.

They are trying REALLY hard to conceal what they do, and that, to me, is a HUGE red flag.

I am now a firm believer that there are enough products in the marketplace that anyone who has a better, higher-quality, more commercially desirable product is not going to resort to MLM (or infomercials, for that matter) to sell them. If the product is not being made available in traditional venues, there’s probably a reason for that – and the reason is, more than likely, not the marketplace.
If there’s money to be made on a quality product, MLM is not an effective way to sell it, and there’s more money to be made by traditional means, anyway – that is, if your product is truly your main moneymaker, and not some behind-the-scenes motivational tools scheme.

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