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These Are the 3 Benefits Of Condotel Investments

Condotel is a fairly profitable business. You can also try to find profits in the property sector. We present the following more in the advantages of Condotel investment that can make you more interested in investing in Condotel, especially if it’s the right time for you to invest in a condominium like Piermont Grand EC in Singapore.

Here are the 3 benefits of condotel investments:

# 1 Increase in Unit Prices

Along with inflation growth, the advantages of condotel investment are also going straight. Not infrequently, investors who buy condotel in a 50% state of development then sell it when the construction process has finished. There are also those who sell condominium units when the condominium hotel is prepared for its residents. It’s obvious that soaring prices are very beneficial for condotel investors.

# 2 Operating Income

If the investor does not sell the unit in the condotel, the investor can rent it out. It’s because the condotel operation is like a hotel, it is certain that the operating income can be high. The cashflow obtained by investors the average amount exceeds the deposit interest.

In addition, investors are also given Rental Guarantee for the first 2 to 3 years at 8% to 10%. After completing the Rental Guarantee period, the Investor will be given an advantage in the form of annual profit sharing.

Usually, this profit-sharing varies, depending on the determination of the condotel management in question. There are condotels that provide 40%: 60% profit sharing, some also provide 50%: 50% profit sharing. The purpose of this profit sharing is the profit-sharing between condotel management and the investor.

# 3 You Can Stay There For Free

As an investor, aka the owner of a room unit that is rented, you can enjoy the condotel facilities and stay there for free. However, there are still procedures established by Condotel management. Usually, investors or unit owners can use the room aka stay free for several days each year. Those are some of the condotel investment advantages that you can get if you are interested in investing in Condotel.

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