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Tips For Choosing A Skateboard For Children

Many skateboarders are beginners and don’t just face the problem of getting skateboards. I must say that you can buy it assembled and disassembled. Beginners are advised to buy a ready-made skateboard. There are a large number of models of this product. Therefore, sometimes making the right choice is not that simple. For children, you can choose kids longboard which is slightly different in size from the general longboard.

Children’s skateboarding
Children – differ from adults in size and design, and are smaller than the maximum load. Good kids skateboards are made from the same material as adults. Choosing a skateboard for children, you should consider several features:

• skateboard length doesn’t matter, however, for older kids (compared to peers), you should choose a board that is more authentic; skateboard width must be 7.5-8 inches.
• Buy boards made this year: the longer the boards are stored, the more they are damaged.
• skate wheels should not be too rigid; Harder wheels provide greater speed and at the same time worse grip.
• the surface of the skateboard must be completely leveled: in order to be convinced of this, one must lift the board and see it from the end.
• pay attention to skateboard material: better take a model made from Canadian maple.

Board Material
Canadian Maple – the most suitable material for making decks: durable and sturdy with a dense texture. It has a pretty high price.

Chinese maple-less durable material, but the price is lower.
Canada + Chinese Maple – a combination of two materials: the top and bottom layers are made of Canadian maples, the inner layer is made of Chinese maples.
Plastic- Used for scooters. It allows you to implement various design solutions.

Leather (flu tip) – sandpaper, which is glued to the skateboard deck for reliable adhesion to the athlete’s shoes. Also, the flute has a decorative function: there are black, gray, colored, and patterns covered with transparent sandpaper and images.

Usually, the skin is applied once when assembling a skateboard. If in the process of driving there is no grip that is strong enough with a sole, then it is better to replace the sandpaper.

Number of layers
The board is made of layers of wood glued together.
7 layers – most often. Good balance of strength and weight for normal driving.

8-9 layers – different in increasing durability. The best choice for extreme driving and action. High-quality 8-9-layer skateboards hardly differ in weight from 7-layer ones.

The length and width of the deck are chosen depending on the size of the person, as well as individual preferences. Deck length varies from 16.9 to 55 inches, and the width is from 4.6 to 10.625 inches.

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