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What Should You Put Into Luggage

Packing is art for those who like to travel. Roll the clothes and pants, this will be more efficient than just stacked. The technique of folding the clothes alternately with other clothes can be an alternative to rolling, so as not to tangle. The last item needed is at the bottom of the suitcase or backpack. While most items are needed at the top of the suitcase or backpack. Take advantage of empty space in a suitcase to insert small objects, or insert small objects into shoes and other hollow items. Please check the list of items for Senior Citizens Travel Groups so that nothing will be forgotten.

Bring your own personal medicines while packing for traveling. We never know whether to be sick or not during the holidays. Therefore, take a medicine that you often use in the case. In the places we go, not necessarily the drugs we need are available. It would be much better to bring medicine from home.

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