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Wrong Major Is Not Totally Okay!

Feeling you are in the wrong major in college is not unusual. Many students experience things like this. In fact, many students realize that they are in the wrong major when it is at the end of the semester, which is quite impossible to repeat from the start of pursuing a dream major. Very mysterious lecture life, isn’t it? Haha. What a College Puzzle!

Repeated to pursue the desired college major is not an easy matter. Although continuing college with the wrong majors, it can still be tricked by several things, like this:

1. You can study a major in college that you dream of at the next level of study. There are positive and negative points of this decision. The positive is that you will learn many things from your major, while the negative is that you have to learn from zero again even though your friends have learned the basics from the previous lecture level.

2. Take the course according to your favourite field! As an example is if you really want to major in fashion, then look for a place for courses or workshops with a fashion theme.

3. Join an apprentice or volunteer. Following an internship at a company or volunteering following your major will make you even more excited to pursue your dreams, even though college majors do not match what you want.

4. Learning while working. Not a few who do this. Many colleges who have graduated bravely plunged into the world of fields that did not suit their majors at all, but were very suitable for what they wanted. Even so, learning while working must also learn many things from zero again and catch up with the classmates.

Those are some ways to outsmart when you feel wrong with the major you are taking. It’s okay, don’t despair. Success takes time even though the time is very long. And don’t ever give up once.

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