Mark can be taught! (Congratulations! I’m glad you’re doing research and thinking about this instead of using the phrases MLMers toss out as platitudes!)

Here’s another point: MLMs like to talk about cutting out the middle man. Look at a simple product, like produce. The farmer raises it and takes it to a distro center. The center ships it out and it ends up in local warehouses. From there it goes to the local store. At each step along the way, value is added to the product because it’s moving closer to you. The farmer adds value because he’s created a tomato. At each point the transport adds value because it’s closer to you and eventually it’s at the corner store so you can drive down before supper and get the 2-3 tomatoes you need for a salad. That’s worth a few cents extra on the price instead of having to drive out to the farm or to a farmer’s market to get it.

But look at an MLM: the product is still shipped, often by UPS or USPS. That costs money but along with that, there’s anywhere from 1 or 2 or many more people that get a cut for doing NOTHING. I looked at my ex-gf’s system. If I bought something from her, then she gets a cut, her friend’s sister, that friend’s sister’s Father, then his sponsor, then one Diamond I know of, then another one I know of above him, then one guy I know is at the top, PLUS any levels between the first Diamond I know of and the next one. That’s at least 6-7 levels as it is and not one of them does a single thing to earn the money I’m spending on the product, yet they all make money FROM me.

Maybe or maybe not. Google has many servers and if you search for the same three terms in a different order, you can get different results (it’s happened to me before). Also, if you’re in a different area than someone else and your search request goes to a different server, you could get totally different results for the same search. A friend on the other side of town and I tried that and we got different results.

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